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One of the strategies that has been developed in developed countries in recent years to reduce the proportion of death to cancer has been the use of personalized medicine strategy along with standard treatments. According to available statistics, currently, the cancer-based cancer treatment strategy has been implemented in 30% of hospitalized centers in developed countries. Unfortunately, in Iran, due to the lack of necessary infrastructure, patients have been deprived of the benefits of patient-focused treatment, which include the administration of ineffective drugs, increased treatment costs, the imposition of unwanted drug reactions to patients, the imposition of unwanted drug reactions to patients, and, finally, failure of treatment. Regarding the mentioned vacuum and the necessity of its solution, a team of prominent professors in the field of medical oncology, radiotherapy, surgery, pathology, genetics, radiology, clinical pharmacy, molecular imaging and cancer biology in the Imam Khomeini Hospital complex was included in the evaluation group And the Biomarker Evaluation and Supervision Team for Personalized Medicine [BESTforPM] have launched the first cancer patient to benefit from patient-focused treatment services and determine the treatment strategy based on the molecular view of the tumor board. The cancer-based assessment Fajr in the Sadaf Building of the Cancer Institute. The patient's tumor specimen, when given by the relevant clinicians, is evaluated from the perspective of the biomarker profile using methods such as NGS. After analyzing the results, according to the molecular board tumor, appropriate therapeutic interventions are given to the physician the relevant ones are proposed.
At present, the patient assessment and management group is ready to serve qualified faculty members and patients at the end of the Keshavarz Blvd., Imam Khomeini Hospital Complex, Cancer Institute Clinic Building, Room No. 8 and Call 09909526140.